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Energy Efficient & Mechanical Ventilation Solutions
For your home or business
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Energy Efficient & Mechanical Ventilation Solutions
For your home or business
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Airwave Technology Page one

Airwave Technology are leaders in the mechanical ventilation, heat recovery sector.

We are dedicated to delivering complete sustainable ventilation solutions for customers, saving hard-earned cash and scarce resources.

We supply and install the best performing systems and up to date technology – at the best prices, all backed up with our proven track record in the industry.

These are the areas we work and provide solutions for:

House  Apartment  Single Room  Office  School  Waiting Room

Mechanical Ventilation

· Mechanical ventilation systems circulate fresh air using ducts and fans, as an alternative to relying on airflow through holes or cracks in a home’s walls, roof, or windows.

Whole house Ventilation

· Whole house ventilation replaces stale air with fresh air throughout the house

· Controlled by MVHR units.

· Ventilation system that supplies and extracts air continuously at a low rate.

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR)

· Minimises Energy loss.

· Healthier and more comfortable indoor climate.

· Provides a constant supply of fresh filtered air.


· Air is extracted from “Wet “rooms.

· Air travels to MVHR unit.

· Heat from extracted air is transferred to fresh air.

· Extracted air is released outside.

Passive Houses

· Defined as an “energy-efficient building with year-round comfort and good indoor environmental conditions without the use of significant active space heating or cooling systems”

· Built to optimise thermal gain and minimise thermal losses.

· Do not depend on traditional heating services. (Boilers, furnaces)

· Quality, comfort, and energy efficiency.

System Design

· Ventilation unit size and efficiency, ideally supplying the required air volume running at less than 60% of max output and still be greater than 80% efficient for heat recovery.

· Air Distribution System, factors to consider are Low friction and control and balance of air supply, Noise, Cleanability, Fire Safety.

· Standard required, do you want to meet minimum standard or best practise, (Best practise normally works out cheaper in the end).

· Design, because of our in-depth knowledge and understanding of ventilation systems, we can provide custom designs and solutions and commissioning for any situation. Contact us for your design needs. However, should you decide to engage an independent consultant for design and commissioning, we are happy to work with them.            

· After Sales Care and Service, is there a service contract required? What type of warranty does equipment carry? Are replacement air filters readily available at a reasonable cost.

· It is our intention to provide as much useful information as possible, therefore, if there is a question you would like to ask, or there is information that will improve our website, please contact us.