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Duct system - efficient ventilation

HB+ Semi Flexible Duct Systems - The quickest route to efficient ventilation

HB+ is a clever plug and play system whose results are known beforehand. Its effect is as simple as it is effective:
Each room has its own duct, blue for supply and red for extraction.
The flexible (semi-rigid) plastic ducts, with a fixed diameter, are connected to an air distribution box, which in turn is connected to the chosen ventilation system.
A restricting ring is clicked into the air distribution box. Per connection to control the airflow in each separate room.

HB+ is a revolutionary air distribution system that solves all ventilation problems. It is simple to design and to install, and results in continuously high ventilation comfort without problems. HB+ offers only positive points for clients, architects, consultants and installation companies.

Semi Flexible Duct System

Maximum design freedom and flexibility

Modular system: a great diversity of air distribution systems can be developed very simply using an orderly number of components.
Software for calculation airflows: no adjustment during commissioning.
Flexible: design changes due to building modifications can be quickly implemented, whilst retaining quality.

Efficient installation and maintenance

Efficient installation and maintenance

Limited number of system components: practical for stock management, transport and installation.
Quick installation, without tools: thanks to click connectors between the air distribution box, the flexible (semi-rigid) ducts and the valves.
No adaptation required: the floor generally need not be interrupted, so that it retains its constructional strength.

Efficient installation Applicable everywhere

Applicable everywhere

HB+ is a flexible modular system which is deployable in every project: in combination with individual, collective and balanced ventilation systems. in renovation and new constructions. for housing and public utilities. suitable for many types of building construction including: sheet flooring, poured concrete, hollow-core slab, warm and cold roof voids. SAP appendix Q approved.

Efficient installation and maintenance duct system

Top comfort for all types of ventilation systems

Comfort guaranteed: the simplicity of the system results in a perfectly adjusted air distribution system and a healthy interior climate.
No cross-leaks: thanks to the individual ducts per room.
Amazingly quiet: sound absorbers in the air distribution box and smooth plastic connectors given an amazingly quiet system.
Easy to clean.