What is Heat Recovery?

What is Heat Recovery ?

· Heat recovery systems circulate air within a building by replacing cold air with warmer air heated by the ventilation system.

· System works by supplying fresh air to rooms in your home or business premises while extracting moisture and heat from wet areas.

Current Problems

· Stricter regulations on fossil fuels in UK and Ireland.

· Strict insulation standards as a result.

· Average Family producing over 10 litres of water a day,

· Increasing incidence of chronic respiratory problems.

The Solution: Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery system. (MVHR)


· MVHR system operates by recovering the energy that would normally be lost through open windows, wall vents etc.

· The warm stale air that is being extracted from the building is passed through the heat exchanger to warm the fresh filtered air being brought into the house without cross- contamination.

· It filters the incoming air through F7 or greater rated pollen filters and warms the air by passing through the heat exchanger. Balanced ventilation systems with filtered supply are ideal for asthmatics or anybody suffering from allergies or respiratory problems.

De-centralized Ventilation with Heat Recovery

De-Centralised Ventilation with Heat Recovery

· Designed for improving the interior air quality, particularly in existing rooms.

· One air handling unit ventilates whole building.

Swedish Study

A Swedish study has shown that asthma and asthmatic attacks can be significantly reduced by proper ventilation. Studies have repeatedly shown that ventilation in schools is inadequate, with carbon dioxide concentrations in the air often reaching unhealthy levels. This affects students’ ability to concentrate. Ventilation concepts are therefore one of the top concerns in the energy-oriented refurbishment of schools. Doctors and Dentists waiting rooms or Asthma sufferer’s bedroom.